It's baaaaaaack! Year two of the March Madness bracket contest, hosted by Yahoo Sports, has begun. Bragging rights are again on the line! NCAA March Madness starts soon and its time for us to create our brackets. If you wish to join then all you need to do is send me a PM (Private Message) and I will reply with the Group ID and Password. After that then CLICK HERE to join.

There are three rules to this contest:
1.) Please use your Raptors Republic name as your bracket name. For example, my bracket name will be "Apollo". What this does is allow everyone know who everyone else is.
2.) Don't give out the Group ID or Password to other people. I'd like this to be a RR event and I'd like people to come to me or one of the other mods or admins so that we know everyone who is in the league.
3.) Have fun!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to PM if you don't want to post them here.

Apollo Administrator

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