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Thread: Who deserves the ball more on offense?

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    Default Who deserves the ball more on offense?

    This is another post fueled by the disappointing loss on Wednesday night.

    I felt as if the ball wasn't reaching the hot hand down the stretch of the game. It seemed as if jay was only calling plays for Bargs which meant a shot or a turnover... Jose would bring the ball up and with 15-20 seconds left on the shot clock he would pass the ball to barny, and then stare down his defender for 10 seconds and put up a bad shot. In my opinion I believe that the ball should be in Derozan's, Jose's or Barbosa's hand almost every situation (James Johnson too if he is playing well).

    They can all dribble, pass and play off of the pick and roll allowing better opportunities for themselves and their bigs.

    Also down the stretch of last nights game, derozan was playing terrible d but inspired O. he shot 8-11 from the field. How come DD didn't get the ball more, for almost 10 possessions in the third Derozan didn't receive the ball.

    Bargs shot 8-20 and only scored 20 points
    Barbosa shot 7-16 and scored 18 points

    The ball should've been given to DD to get higher percentage shots for himself and his teammates. No one should ever shoot the ball 20 times for 20 points, thats ridiculous. This season is all but done for the raptors and it's about time that we start putting the ball in the hands of our young core to let them develop instead of giving the ball to bargnani to see how many shots he can take in a losing effort. If we don't start, then we've completely ruined this season.

    (Demar is my favorite player and i am only 15 so easy with the comments)
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