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Thread: 5 Offseason Pitfalls BC Must avoid

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    Quote MangoKid wrote: View Post
    Let's go through this...

    1. I'm taking it that you've never seen Sullinger play. If you had, there's no way you'd be comparing the kid to Ike Diogu or Sean May. Some might not like the fact that he's not a prolific shot blocker, but the kid has a ridicuolously high basketball IQ, leads the team in scoring, has a nose for rebounding and is the best player on the best team in the nation. He was nominated as a player of the year award - all of this in his freshman year.

    2. Not dealing Bargnani would be a mistake? You know what kind of deals are going to be presented/offered to Colangelo for Bargnani? Not very good ones. Many general managers will point to his deficiencies in regards to reboudning and will lowball Colangelo. I'd rather have Bargnani than some other stiff that'll clog up the cap.

    3. Weems won't get much, but Reggie will get the MLE - If not from us, he'll get it from some other team. It might take a bit more from us to lock him in and prevent him from going to a contender.

    4. Not dealing Kleiza would be a mistake? Seriously? The guy's gone for at least a year, so you think someone's gonna want to deal for him? Kleiza put up the numbers he did with a serious knee problem. I wouldn't start Johnson over him.

    5. Wasting the remaining exemption 9M? Packaging the non-core players. Right. Because team in the league is dying for OUR bench players. I'm sure there's a plethora of contending teams out there that really wants to package their players for "non-core" players on one of the worst teams in the league.

    Great Post

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    Quote Apollo wrote: View Post
    He takes care of himself and he's has lots of talent. He could be an Antonio Davis type player in my opinion.
    I should say that I really like Sullinger. He reminds me of Carlos Boozer. Another guy (down the totem pole) that comes to mind is Glenn Davis. I don't think he's as good as Elton Brand though I have heard that comparison as well. I have heard the Kevin Love comparisons but Love has a better face-up game, is a better passer, and a better rebounder. Still, I think Sullinger could be a guy you just plug in at the 4 for 7 years and forget about that position. That's not a bad find in this draft.

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