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Alabi can't be judged, I've seen play mediocre in Summer League , but he needs to work on his aggressiveness and his awareness and he will be a good bench player in the years to come.
I personally don't think Alabi has what it takes to hack it in the NBA. I remember watching him in Vancouver at the start of the Season.. It was really comical watching Jarett Jack almost lose his mind because Alabi was incapable of following simple instructions and struggled with running basic pick and roles. Not to mention his lack of intensity. All he has going for him is he is a true 7 footer which doesn't amount to much if you have the basketball IQ of a six year old.

I think bayless at best is a project, but hes not worth the effort. His game or lack there of is so deeply ingrained as him as a player that I think no matter what system you throw at him he won't be able to adapt. All in all he is not that good and I don't think he will ever be.. I don't want to wait 4 years for him to "get it" I'd rather see the raps have their pick at one of dozens of PG's better then him who are already proven.