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What is more likely: Demar, Ed Davis, whoever we draft, or Andrea become good enough to lead us to a title or we pick up two really good players through trades and then get one more really good guy through Free Agency? The other thing to keep in mind is some of these borderline guys are still getting better and may not be in the ideal situation for their talent to blossom. Trading for a guy like Josh Smith (sorry to keep bringing him up, I saw a trade thread about him the the day and he is a good example) is both a win now deal because it makes us immediately better and a future deal since he is still improving as a player and his situation in Atlanta kind of sucks because they have no real center (Horford should play PF and Smith should give the three a shot). Maybe a move to Toronto would bring him to the next level?

Isn't hoping a bunch of rookies and sophomores will develop into all-stars setting your self up for just as much disappointment as hoping you can lure a big name in free agency?
I don't think Davis, Bargnani or DeRozan are going to be good enough to lead a team to the title, but I also don't think your option will work, either. Thankfully, there aren't just those two options. The best way to acquire a franchise player is to draft one. The Raptors have some good pieces that can be used to build with or trade, but they still have a draft pick coming up this year, and if they can get Kyrie Irving, I think he's got the chance to be a franchise PG.

WHile I don't agree with everything Oklahoma has done, I do believe that's the best way to build a team. Through the draft and with patience, allowing your young players to develop so they all are peaking at the same time. As long as they keep their core, they'll be a contender for the next decade.

I'm not against trading for good, young players, but when the team knows what it needs to reach the next level, and not to simply hurry things up. GOing back to Oklahoma, they resisted going out and getting veterans who would give them a few more wins until they were ready and knew what they needed.

Obviously Oklahoma has Durant, but they drafted him, and that's what Toronto needs to try and do. It requires patience the long term prospects are much brighter.