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the only position we have a positive PER (vs opponent) is PG.
The worst? C. Should not be suprise.

Defense gives up more points with Bargnani on the floor than Jose.

This team needs to deal with the real problem first... not one of the few (although marginal) positives this team has.
Y'know I'm starting to think the position we're getting beat at the most (PER or not) is the Coaches seat.
I used to be a big fan of Triano. And still am for that matter. But I think he's a REALLY good Internation level coach, and would be a REALLY good NCAA level coach; not the greatest NBA level coach. BUT we're not really looking to win a trophy anytime soon, so I guess we can let him learn just like the young guys on the court.

ADD Whoa, totally off topic. My bad. But Garbagetime started it with the trade Bargs bit. hahaha