Its nice to see that we're getting noticed once again outside of our own publications. is bringing some awareness to fans out there today.

Albeit we did have a stretch of beating and playing weaker opponents, but the last 2 games I think helped seal things a little bit more when your beating powerhouses like the Spurs and Magic.

The Hang Time Hoops Shelter is currently at capacity with the Grizzlies and Kings sleeping in the guest rooms. But if the Raptors keep up their winning ways, we're going to have to make room for them, too.

If the Raptors keep this up, they're going to force a lot of people to change their minds about a team most folks had written off before Christmas.

They are also going to force the Hang Time Hoops Shelter (the Grizzlies and Kings already have their own rooms) to expand a little bit so we can add to the family.

Did you see what Chris Bosh and his crew did to the Magic last night in Orlando?

Did you notice the way the way they handled themselves at crunch time and on the defensive end, two areas of major concern for Jay Triano's team a month ago? Times have changed in Raptorland and for the better.

Those defense-free, uneven performances that marked their play earlier this season have given way to a scrappy bunch, at home and on the road, that refuses to accept a fate dictated by someone else.

The Raptors have a come a long way since stumbling out of the gate early in the season. They are inching closer and closer to the status many predicted for them before this season started.

Winners of seven of their past 10 games, the only team in the Eastern Conference playing as good or better is Cleveland (8-2 in their last 10).

The Raptors sent Magic coach Stan Van Gundy off on a postgame diatribe/rant that you have to see to truly appreciate (and while the coach tries to gather his thoughts and reflect a bit more we'll start clearing out some extra space for the shelter's newest family member):
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