Although I treat the recent Bargnani trade rumours as nothing more than just that, I can't help but think that if Andrea does get moved, this would really signify a true rebuild (rather than drafting and adding pieces around the core). My question is, if the team continues to get younger and build through the draft (and BC has had success with draft picks before), how many years would it take for this team to get respectability around the league (and making the playoffs every year)? Are the Raps going to take longer when compared to the following teams:

Nets (now has a foundation in Deron if he resigns)
Denver (took the best players from the Knicks in the Melo and ran away with it)
Houston (made small frugal moves that netted them Lee and has a solid core in Scola, Budinger, Dragic and yes, even Hasheem)
Cleveland (will be getting 2 top 10 picks this year)
Washington (with Wall as the future)

I'm not mentioning Sacramento and Minnesota because I'm not really sure when they started to rebuild or if they were always rebuilding. Would it take the Raps 2 seasons to make it to the playoffs? Thoughts?