I posted this on morning coffee tread. But I've really been thinking a lot of different trade scenario on upgrading the Raps. Finally I believe this to be a very possible trade that could be pulled off. The wizards are breaking their core and the Raps could work something out here. Hate to take advantage of the situation, but since with all that's going with Wizards and the on going progress of the Raptors I feel this trade can benefit both sides.

(Caron Butler) via (Marcus Banks, Reggie Evans, Antoine Wright or First round draft pick)

I though over in different angles and perspective for each individual and the interest of both teams with the on going basis of this season. The salary should be alright, though this is just on top my head so feel free to correct me.

Please provide some feedback on this one, as I believe this trade can be very legitimate or maybe I could just very will be one sided for the Raps on having the prospect of having Caron in a Raps uniform this year by trade deadline?

what do y'all think?