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Thread: Philly and Raptors trade proposal

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    Default Philly and Raptors trade proposal

    I was thinking of this trade after reading brothersteve's blog regarding the following:

    "The 76ers need a pass first point guard to resurrect Brandís career and the Raptors need a starting shooting guard. Is an Iguodala and Holiday for Calderon and DeRozan (plus parts) deal possible?"

    I highly doubt that Iggy is going anywhere anytime soon especially not for a package for Calderon and DD.

    "The obvious holes in the current Raptors line-up are at:
    3.An experienced shot blocking, defensive big man. A very young Amir Johnson has provided energy off the bench but is over-matched in size and strength at times. Reggie Evans, who doesnít block shots, has yet to play a game, and Rasho Nesterovic watches from the bench"

    This I agree, I find that Amir tends to dissapear most times, Rasho barley plays, and we don't know when or how much we can get out of Reggie who missed half a season already.

    1.Starting shooting guard where the Raptors are relying on the rookie DeMar DeRozan with options to use the inexperienced Marco Belinelli or the limited Antoine Wright.

    Yes that hole does need to be plugged by a rugged veteran who can shoot and also attack the basket on a more consistent basis.

    Bare that in mind here is what I propose (trade works in the ESPN trade machine)

    Raptors trade:

    Calderon, Banks, Amir Johnson and Antoine Wright


    S. Dalembert, Jrue Holiday and Willie Green

    I say both teams benefit and are able to plug some key holes while allocating expensive contracts to a more useful position players.
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