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Thread: RR forums and espn affiliation.

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    Default RR forums and espn affiliation.

    i haven't really posted much or been on the site since i signed up though i've been more active the past couple weeks so excuse my ignorance on this... but whats the background with this forum and espn does look at this when they want to know about the raptors ? are the admins hired employees of espn ?


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    We're an affiliate of ESPN. The forums are an added component of the entire site, but at the end the day it's the blog that is the reason why Raptors Republic and ESPN have a relationship. Arse, Sam, Altraps, Tom, A-Dub and Blake do a wonderful job on the main page and is the main reason why we get the traffic we do here at Raptors Republic.

    And no, none of us are hired employees of ESPN. Just regular Joe's who love basketball and the Raptors.

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