The RR community seriously suggesting Charles Barkley for GM is ground zero for the commentary on this site (which has regressed more than the Raptors record). Factor in that this is one of the most challenging franchises to manage in the NBA, it become a laughable suggestion. You can rightfully debate Colangelo’s successes and failures but pushing for his dismissal is so short-sighted at this point.

Colangelo – one of the most respected GM’s by players, other team executives, NBA HQ executives and notable player agents…easily in the top third of executives in the NBA (yeah, I said it) working for what used to be the least respected franchise in the NBA (minus the Clippers). Yet we have a slew of people begging to replace him with Charles *ucking Barkley? You can rail on and on about losing Bosh for very little and ignore the fact he (and LeBron) railroaded his team (no extension for any team in a trade) so he could form the Heatles and that we still may end up with the best player in that trade (draft pick) and a solid free agent (cap space this off-season). The J.O. trade was more about unloading TJ, whose career was in jeopardy and was a soon to be worthless asset on a long term contract, and to free up the space to make a major free agent acquisition the next summer. Now Turk was that free agent (after all other decent FA declined to sign here) and, yes, he ended being a chump and cruised through the season with a 15 pound fanny pack tied around his waist but he was the best of the real options…and do you realize that J. Jack and Hedo were the only time we attracted reasonable talent away from other teams? A first IN THE HISTORY of the franchise (Hakeem was not fit to play)…think about that for a second. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with G. Grunwald (Hoopdome) and he said his biggest challenge as the GM in TO was getting players, agents and team execs to return his calls and that Babcock had the same issues. He felt BC was the perfect leader for the franchise (connected). As for BC daddy issues imagined by many here, do you realize that Wayne Embry was Jerry Colangelo’s mentor in evaluating basketball talent and that he now plays the same role for Bryan?...and the Bargs draft, he was the consensus number 1 pick in a terrible draft, let it go (he will be dealt if he doesn’t develop a defensive/rebounding motor when the right deal comes along).

Triano - is not the long term solution as a head coach but he is ideal for the current situation. The fact that this young team has lost so many games and keeps competing is progress, the fact the team is losing and no one is publicly begging to leave town is HUGE progress for this franchises long term success - Triano deserves some credit for this. On the flip side, the lack of defensive team fundamentals sticking is his huge fail thus far (a tough task with a combination of youth and lead feet anchoring the D) but I only view Triano as the coach who gets to the hump but not over it (his role from the get go).

This season has been about the first true rebuild in franchise history. The VC and McGrady days were the closest but we botched it by bringing too many vets too soon to win now, when the teams young talent was not set yet…but we all know that in T.O. a patient rebuild is a massive challenge as it gives players the excuse they need to beg out of town and fans generally lack the foresight to give the management team the latitude required. Thankfully our current management team has the savvy to navigate those speed bumps without getting derailed (while still keeping the fan-base interested). This year the focus has been on getting the young players mentally prepared for playing a significant role for a full season of NBA basketball and developing young assets overall. I'm surprised by the number of people (particularly the contributors on this site) that were not prepared for this.

Loses hurt no matter how they come and or why but the pain is necessary for a true rebuild to get going. Most of the guys on this team are pegged to be either solid starters or career role players, possibly good ones, and I don't think anyone involved in the franchise is disillusioned to think otherwise (don’t expect the team to publicly outline this for you). Colangelo has done a solid job of quickly setting up the franchise with a youthful core and flexibility to add pieces in the off-season and going forward (again, a true rebuild). The path to success and the accumulation of assets will be much clearer over the next year, barring any short sighted meddling by MLSE (fuelled by media and fan discontent)...let the man do his job, imo the alternative would not be pretty.