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Thread: When will Nash slow down?

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    Default When will Nash slow down?

    Steve Nash probably doesn't drink much fine wine these days, considering a pillar of his basketball longevity plan is this: no sugar. But if he did, Nash would be a walking, dribbling, toasting embodiment of what vino and point guards have in common as they age.

    Nash turns 36 next month, which can only mean he'll be even better after he blows out the candles. He is the ultimate case study in how a player can refine and improve his game with each flip of the calendar. In leading the Suns to a 22-13 start, Nash is making an early case for his third MVP award with a career-high 11.2 assists and .539 field-goal percentage, plus his highest scoring average in three years (18.4).

    It was supposed to have happened by now. Anyone think Cuban regrets not keeping Nash in Dallas? Back then he couldn't justify the contract due to Nash's age.

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    I dont think anyone saw him dominating at this age. Cuban made a calcualted decision and it has backfired. I love watching Nash, and i hope he can play for another couple of years.
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