You needed a picture-in-picture screen and some quick thumbs to keep up with all the down-to-the-wire finishes on Friday’s NBA schedule. We had to attack it newspaper style … PHILADELPHIA–It was a fourth-quarter battle between Chris Bosh and Lou Williams (no, really) that came down to one bad call and one superbad play. Williams’ jumper with one minute left capped a personal 7-0 run and brought the Sixers within one, then Sam Dalembert gave them the lead with a follow dunk in transition. Raps ball, Bosh (29 pts, 9 rebs, 6 asts) squared up on the Dalembeast, shook him going right and got fouled on the floor. Only the refs allowed Bosh to take the contact, brush his teeth, read The Economist, take two steps, clip his toenails and then get his shot off for the longest continuation and-one you’ve seen since Jordan’s prime. We still can’t tell you what Philly was trying to do on the last play: Allen Iverson was either supposed to give it to Lou (23 pts) in the corner, or he had to pass because he was losing his balance; either way, Williams ran to the top of the key, almost bowling over A.I. and ignoring Andre Iguodala (17 pts, 11 rebs, 9 asts) to launch a 28-footer under duress that never had a chance - "League of Extraordinary Finishes"