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Thread: Thank you!

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    Default Thank you!

    Thank you to all the RR writers/moderators this season.

    Always having interesting articles/webcast/forum topics for us to enjoy and debate.

    Kept me busy every day reading about the team's performance.

    It's been a rough season for all of us and I bet it was really hard on you guys reporting on all these losses.

    Looking forward to all the off-season hypotheticals!
    Here's to these great RR guys and to no lockout this season!

    Oh and to the friggin' Raps turning it around next season, as a SSH I'm tired of paying for losers, but I do like the direction we're in!

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    Cheers ahoang. Thanks for your contributions and visiting as much as you do.

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    While it was a terrible season for the Raps, it was a great season for RR. You made a horrendous year entertaining!
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