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Thread: The Lockout & the Raptors: Players approve CBA, Owners too! (1944)

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    I'm not questioning how the lockout was ended in the NFL. I question whether it would be in the players best interest to pursue the same action.

    The NFL does not have guaranteed contracts. The NBA does.

    There are 4 billion guaranteed reasons why the NBA should not follow the NFL players' path.

    I could be wrong in my interpretation of things but I don't think I am. This seems to be a big issue that has not been discussed in depth in the mainstream media. I don't know if my interpretation is wrong or the media is stooopid.
    You are absolutely correct in everything you're saying.In that article I posted above by David Aldridge he breaks down all the comparisons between the two sides. ADD I see you posted one as well from Hoopsworld.
    It has been discussed internally within the Players Union for quite some time. They have a petition signed by hundreds of players willing to Decertify if necessary. Not sure how much its been played out in the media, but I've heard it been discussed as option from a pretty early point in the game. Whether thats just a bargaining chip, a "bluff" if you will, who knows, but they are willing to do it. Or at least the Petition thing says they are. I agree it nots their best option, but it certainly is an option unfortunately. I can't imagine the ramifications of that move though ... would be huuuge as you said.
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