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Thread: The Lockout & the Raptors: Players approve CBA, Owners too! (1944)

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    Quote charlz wrote: View Post
    I am with the owners on this one. NBA players are the best paid in the world and there are a lot of teams who are loosing money.,,, and no way in he11 would they accept profit sharing.
    Screw that, the owners are causing this crap and instead of letting the weak ones suffer and learn from their own self inflicted pain, they want the players to make further concessions. It's not healthy for the league to allow inept owners to socialize the league and to balance their books by concessions that have nothing to do with a free market. There is no need for the fan to be given the FINGER, and that is what the owners are doing collectively now. They are using us the fans to stick it to the players. It's evil, and it shows that the only respect they have is for money not the game.

    Creating social programs to help inept owners out of problems of their own making is not going to be healthy for the league nor does it prevent these idiots from getting into financial quicksand in the future. If you could not figure out how to make money in the NBA with the attention that the league was getting, TV contracts and revenue sharing than asking for further communist style assistance is not going to help.

    I don't think its a good idea to get into the habit of subsidizing weakness. Communist ideas in a Capitalistic system that work in the favour of those on top are a riot to me. I am eating my popcorn and being entertained by the brain wash. LOL, "those evil players", I bet you half these guys would have a hard time doing fractions, and you are going to tell me that it is the players that are at fault? All these ivy league law degrees and a brain trust to match, but Carmelo and Derek Fisher are the ones that outwitted the ownership.

    ... I like what is going on because it is clear to see who the EVIL bastards are. The players did not stop the game, the owners did. Due to that I want them to be raped financially, even wish the NBA falls apart and a new basketball league takes its place where the FANS are not USED the way the owners are using US to take a bigger slice out of the pie.

    None of this is about the game or basketball. The owners are not interested in the fans suffering, all they care about is money, even if that means hurting the game itself. Your loyalty means nothing to the owners, in fact they are counting on your loyalty when they take the product away from you. They want you to go after the players! How anyone could be on the side of ownership is beyond me. Owners are the first one to play Russian Roulette wit the gun , the lockout is a perfect example of this carelessness. Yet the whole time, they are the ones with the choice of what they pay out and what they don't.

    So collectively, they can not agree amongst themselves to cut back the purse strings, BUT they don't mind LEGISLATING the players to do so. LOL. If you don't see how much control the owners have and always had, than you just don't get it... for them to act like they are victims is more than funny to me. The players gave them all their concessions last time. It just made the fatter pigs act less and less efficiently instead of prompting them to improve upon how their business's are run.
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