On the season:

I was definitely pleased. The hard work I put in last summer definitely paid off and that's what I was striving for. I just have a chip on my shoulder, and I just want to prove a lot of stuff. Like being one of the top players in this league, and keep getting better.
Why does he have a chip?

Not making the rookie team, I definitely wanted to make the rookie team. It just seemed that I was under the radar for a lot of stuff, I wanted to work hard and show a lot of people that I could play.

Next step:

A little bit of everything. Polish up a lot of the little things. Stretch my range out, work on my ball-handling, just continue to get better at all parts of my game. Get stronger, use the summer to get stronger, I know what I got to do. Especially if I'm going to be down there with the big guys rebounding, try to be more aggressive.
On being the man:

I don't really look at it being "the guy". I look at it as being the best player I can be, and whereever it takes me from there I'm fine with it.
How far away is this team?

[The draft and free agency] could play both ways. The draft pick and if we pick up a key veteran. I think all we're missing is that one little piece that can really get us over the edge. It can definitely take us a long way next year. My trust is in the organization, I believe we're going to do that.
What is that piece?

It could be a veteran big down there that knows how to play in the paint, that can be a presence down there. That could definitely help us on the defensive end as well.
Did defense hurt you the most this year?

Yeah, that was one of the major parts. If we had a big presence down there, it definitely would've helped us out a lot.
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