Andrea at the 3? Been there, done that. Is it time to revisit it?

Toronto Raptors
Record: 22-60
2011-12 $M: -$22.5

Toronto whiffed on the Chris Bosh contingency plan, and it set the franchise back a couple of years. Year 2 will be better.

For one, the Raptors will have some money to spend. Peja Stojakovic and his $14.5 million will be lifted off the payroll with another $5 million once rhino-rebounder Reggie Evans leaves. What the Raptors really need is to target a legitimate center who can slide Andrea Bargnani to the 3 position where he belongs. Tyson Chandler would be the logical choice there if Mavs owner Mark Cuban uncharacteristically passes on overpaying a center. Otherwise, the Raptors can turn to Nene or Marc Gasol if he hits the market.

Elsewhere, the Raptors have to be happy with the development of Ed Davis, the 21-year-old who finished the last 10 games of the season averaging 13.7 points and 9.1 rebounds. But with that frame, he's not going to do anything to beef up the Raptors' front line, something they need desperately. David West isn't the right direction to go in, but they may talk themselves into spending the money on a big man.