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So if someone disagreed with you is considered troll ??
No one can deny that one way to build a good team is through draft but at the same time, as I pointed out, to be able to do so, you need a good GM and stable organization and even great coaching staff.

You want to ignore these facts and just put your faith on Ping Pong balls and enjoy many more years of loosing records while comforting yourself that you are just going through the rebuild pain !! SO BE IT What ever makes you sleep at night Pal.

But coming out here and calling the rest of us who DO NOT AGREE with you and your mentality and probably have been following basketball for a longer time , Trolls and other names is uncalled for and at best childish.

You don't like my posts, put me on your ignore list, I suggested it to your Pal Timmi boy before as well.

I am not going to change my posts because you like the whole RR hold hands around a camp fire and skip to the song: We are rebuilding, Dila dila dooooo, we will be great in 5 years Dila dila dooooo, BC is the Man Dilllaa Diiila doooo

News Flash, some of us here are educated professionals who are either running businesses and/or companies or have experiences doing it in past. We can see and smell a company that has no real leadership on top and no real plan to go forward in future.

P.S. What gave the impression that I am back from Europe ??!!
To put my comment in the proper context rather than the one in which it was quoted, here is the whole of what I originally typed:


the only thing I see childish and foolish is the negativity in all your posts (as noted by another poster) on a Raptors fan forum that is clearly intended to provoke forum members - I think many regular posters around here know the routine and do not bother to engage with such trolling
This of course was in reply to Raptor4ever:

It is not only Childish but it is foolish to sit calmly and say that the way up ( like OKC) is to tank for many season and...
As I said in a previous thread, I have no problem with opposing views - in fact, I encourage them - as there always remains the possibility for enlightenment that may cause me to rethink my views or stance. Logic and rational thought is usually a prerequisite for such opposing views though and as I've experienced most comments presented do not contain these. A perfect example is how I up until recently thought Bargnani and the Raptors could enjoy mutual success. I debated with many this topic. As time has based though, and more and more compelling arguments were made to the contrary, I relented my previously held notions. If your posts had factual information rather than half truths construed to validate opinions, I might engage and give thought to your claims.

The problem that arises in your posts is the manner in which you 'debate' opposing views. Just the above quoted post alone is littered with: condescending smiley faces, references of pal, bringing up another member who has no relevance to this thread, placking an "i" and "boy" at the end of the name of this member in an attempt to belittle and/or feminize, suggesting friendship an on annonymous forum between two members who happened to have a dissenting view to that of your own a couple of weeks ago when those two members have had many disagreements over the last many months, and insulting the entire forum of group think when that could not be any farther from the truth and obvious to those who routinely stop by.

There are a number of contradictions in your post but I will refrain from commenting as we've been down this path once too many times. In my opinion it would appear you are either one of two types of fan: 1) the what have you done for me lately type, or 2) the blinded by emotion and contempt type of fan. If I am correct, which ever is the right one is irrelevant because there is no rational discussion or thought that will alter the position. This, combined with the lack of logic or substantiated claims brought forth in your arguments, means any discussion will always end in a disagreement. Therefore as the last discussion linked above was left before your trip to Europe, I will say, "We'll have to agree to disagree."

There is no doubt that there are educated profressionals on this board. I happen to be one of them. Unfortunately given many of your postings from weeks ago had the IP addresses and host name from the same batch of public computers from a western Canadian university I do not believe this to be the same for you. Also I do not believe you to be in Europe now as your last post was from an IP address with the host of a Canadian cable company and it would appear most posts within the last few days have IP addresses and host names of Canadian cable companies in central Canada.

As I said in the linked thread above, I do not ignore anyone and read just about all comments on the Everything Raptors, Everything NBA, and Raptors Trade Forum - including yours. When the day comes where there is more than bias and contempt for BC, current Raptors players, and posters on this forum, I will most definitely care to engage in a discussion of opposing views.

One area we do agree upon is the lack of leadership at the top of company. The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan is a joke as an owner of the Raptors and they risk jeopardizing the progress made in the rebuild of this past season. Whether BC stays or goes (eventhough my preference is for him to stay), as I've said in previous posts, the current GM situation in Toronto is a farce.