What stands out about the season?

It wasn't the worst. I thought we improved, We definitely got better than last year. It was just a stepping stone for us to get better.
What does this team need?

I think we pretty much don't need any pieces, we improved this year and we can get better with the pieces we have. For a team we got the least amout of years and all of us together have like 16 years, other teams like the Lakers have 63 years, Boston has 63, we only got 16. If we stick togerher we definitely could be one of those teams that improve.
Upset about not being in the playoffs?

We're not upset, we know we've gotten better, we showed some signs of beating one of those top teams, the Bostons, the Orlandos. we showed signs of getting better. We got to keep our heads up, work and get better. [Nobody wanted] to put their heads down at the end of the season, we just take it as getting better.
The team gets along well, did that help?

It was no problem this year, everybody treats each other like brothers. We're family. we had a positive note this season.

We're going ot continue working. We're going to continue working with the coaches and staff until we know what's goin on. My plan is to keep working out, get better. I'm going to keep sticking to my schedules.
Next steps for you.

For me, being that leader on the team. Being vocal, we had a great veteran, Reggie Evans, he was mainly that person who spoke on the court, When he talked everybody listen to him, I kind of addded my two cents, I think I can be more vocal and a leader.
Combination of Ed and yourself?

I think we showed some good signs when me and Ed were on the floor defending. We're a little more versatile, we can go around block shots and do all that stuff. I think it would definitely work. We could use a center, like a Dwight or KG, I think we could use a legit center. It would work well with all the 4s on the floor.
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