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Id probably go for Oden first.

If Portland is willing to pay him $8 mil for a year, im pretty sure they see something really good with his rehab. No way theyre going to put that much money on him if they didnt think he'll be good to go next season. If we can offer $11 mil, a starting spot and unlimited healthcare, Oden might consider it. What have we got to lose? Like you guys keep saying, we're in a rebuilding mode anyways, its not like we are going to contend next season anyways. And its not like there's a whole lot of All-star caliber FAs during the offseason. Might be worth the gamble.

If not, then id take Chandler.
He's a RFA after they make the qualifying offer. They're going to probably match any offer that's realistic. I don't want the Raptors offering up $11M/yr to a guy who's only been physically able to participate in 25% of regulars season games over the past four years. That's crazy. There is a lot to lose by doing that. If that fails you go from rebuilding team right now to potentially being in a similar place still four or five years later.