Hey guys & gals, much like Arsenalist did the other night to conclude one of his postings, I just wanted to send a quick thanks to everyone who participates and visits the forums each and every day.

Not trying to be bias, but we certainly do have some of the most intelligent and mature Raptors fans out there. Some members over the last couple years have come and gone, (some left on their own accord, while others we're kindly shown the door by our staff) but for the most part we have retained a loyal group of members that have helped the Raptors Republic forums be one of the best fan forums out there.

Considering I've been MIA for the better part of this season due to personal reasons, we couldn't of done it without some important figures here. I can't thank Apollo, Arsenalist, 40. Cal, Mango and Matt enough for their time and dedication in helping ensure the RR forums run as smooth as possible. With our continued growth, we'll look at adding more help come next season too and will look upon some of those aforementioned loyal members as potential staff here at Raptors Republic.

So once again, on behalf of the staff here at Raptors Republic, thank you so much for helping make these forums what they are today. A great place to cheer, vent, laugh, cry and whine. Thanks everyone and let's look forward to a better and more exciting 2011-12 season.