As much as we like to speculate about Bosh and Calderon and egos and contracts, the reality is, Colangelo will not do a single thing as long as the team is playing well. And, in truth, why would he?

Unless there are some truly staggering offers put out there:

Would you move Banks? He has turned out to be too important as a reserve backup.
Would you move Bosh? No f'n way as long as we keep winning.
Would you move Calderon? Not if he continues to play well along with Jack.
Would you move Jack? He was just newly signed, and a friend of Bosh. Good for chemistry and keeping CB.
Would you move Wright? Maybe, but only if he was unhappy.

I mean, each member of this team has something valuable to contribute to the engine that is driving our current success. As soon as we are playing well, as a cohesive unit, we want Colangelo to fuck it up with some twisted idea that we need to get rid of our assets??? Look, I know that Colangelo is always willing to make a trade to make the team better - but there is no sense for him to look for a trade at this point, unless someone comes to him with a good offer.

If the team plays poorly again, fine. If players become unhappy with their roles on this team (i.e. Calderon/Jack) fine. But don't expect trades to happen unless one of those two scenarios becomes the case. Colangelo has stated that he is not willing to trade Bosh until Bosh says he wants to be traded. Period, end of discussion. Sorry guys.