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    Quote sleepz wrote: View Post
    You think Colangelo had more to do with winning that division title and early successes more than Bosh and Mitchell did?

    I liked some of his acquisitions for that squad (TJ, Parker, Garbo) but they have all fallen off the NBA map (other than Parker playing for a bottom feeder) but Bosh's performance (2nd All NBA team) and Mitchell finding chemistry amongst 8-9 new acquisitions were larger factors to winning than Colangelo was.

    He didn't make 'ballsy' moves to build around Bosh otherwise he would have not drafted Bargnani who is a 'natural 4' as BC has indicated. Gettign O'Neal might be considered corageous but only becasue of his previous injury status. When did he ever cquire a swing who could make some plays down the stretch. Builing with Bosh and around him are 2 different things.

    If BC is kept on I expect more of the same. I'm hoping a change is in the works.
    You don't have to drink BC koolaid, but you have to be fair too. Every major move BC did was greeted with major approval from the media, fans and his star player (Bosh)... hindsight is 20/20, but BC made the big splash and wasn't afraid to make follow-up moves when they didn't pan out the way everybody expected them to.

    1) Bosh wanted a dynamic PG who could penetrate and create opportunities for him, since that was the way the league was going back then, so BC traded PF depth (Charlie V.) for a young PG (Ford)

    2) Bosh wanted to shift to PF because he was sick of getting hammered while playing C and wanted to be able to focus on offense instead of defense (hmmm who does that sound like now), so BC traded PG depth (Ford) for a proven C (O'Neal)

    3) Bosh & O'Neal didn't pan out, Bargnani was looking like a decent talent (and looked to be developing some good chemistry with Bosh) and the overwhelming consensus was that the team was lacking a stud wing, so BC traded C depth (O'Neal) for a proven SF (Marion)

    4) Marion seemed destined to leave the team for nothing and the team drafted a highly touted wing (DeRozan), so BC replaced one proven wing (Marion) with another proven wing who had a glowing reputation as both a distributor and 3-pt shooter (Turkoglu), to help spread the floor and give Bosh more room to operate

    These moves were all home-run style moves that didn't pan out, but BC deserves credit for making them AND for correcting them when they didn't work out. He tried his best to build a solid team around a player perceived to be a franchise player in Bosh... the biggest problem was that Bosh never was a true franchise player... he was a good player on a terrible team. For 7 years, nobody faulted BC for building around Bosh, so don't start knocking him using hindsight!
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