Alright so as we all know our team lacks defense... big time! Best solution is to acquire talent through free agency. Raptors have the financial flexibility to sign 1-2 good free agents. I say we sign C. Marc Gasol (restricted FA) and SF. Thaddeus Young (restricted FA).
Furthermore if we get lucky and land the first pick! The obvious choice would be to draft Irving as a talented pg is a must in today's NBA.

Official line-up 2011-2012

pg - Irving
sg - Derozan
sf - Young
pf - Davis
C - Gasol

sixth man - Andrea (suits his abilities just fine as he is mainly a scorer)
James Johnson
Amir Johnson
Barbosa (Trade for another big)

I think this gives us a young and talented squad with a bright future. This squad can easily finish 7th - 8th in East in 2011-2012 and higher with more experience under their belt.

What do you guys think? This is not really a pipe dream, it is achievable but will require luck and time.