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Thread: Ron Artest wins Citizenship Award

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    Default Ron Artest wins Citizenship Award

    I heard about Ron winning the Citizenship Award from the Basketball Writers Association and was quite shocked. Shocked because Ron truly deserves the award and shocked because of the turn around in his behaviour and image.

    The Malice in the Palace doesn't seem like 7 years ago, where Ron started a bench clearing brawl with the Pistons and then went after a fan in the stands. He also broke a TV monitor during a game in NY and asked to have part of a season off so he could promote his album. Ron Artest was an unstable headcase. A total idiot and thug.

    Then he sought help from a therapist and got control of his mental health issues. He embraced the cause, started a charity, Xcel University, raffled off his championship ring for $650k, and is donating a large chunk of his salary to help kids with mental health issues.

    Congratulations to Ron Artest! In a league full of me-first greedy players, its nice to see that there are some true role models.
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    remember when he chased after the team bus in his underwear, when he was still in houston?

    ya.. that guy won a citizenship award.

    but seriously, if you look past the psycho antics... he totally deserves it this year.. seemed like every month you'd hear about him doing something for some charity.. and he's one of the few NBA players that actually looks like he wants to do it, and not that he's being forced to do it because community work is mandatory in the NBA

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