Watched the game and he was getting ripped by everyone

when you shoot below 30% for an entire series you are officially exposed. You cant blame the "way you were used in Toronto".

Jason Richardson-Hedo Turkoglu trade fails to get Orlando out of first round

Carter Ripped
Richardson may have been an upgrade over Vince Carter because, well, he’s still breathing
Turk Ripped
The Magic were also theoretically the only team willing to take on Hedo Turkoglu and the three years and $35 million remaining on his deal after this one (part of the money in the final season is non-guaranteed). The thought process for Orlando was that he was successful there before, and they felt they needed him initiating their offense out of the pick-and-roll to give them that added edge they possessed during their run to the Finals two years ago.

I didn’t think anybody would even take a sniff at Hedo unless he was the tax for a Nash trade or something like that, so merely eliminating him from Phoenix’s future seemed like a huge plus when he had to be one of the more untradeable players in the league.
He’s been horrendous in the playoffs, averaging 9.4 points on 29.4 percent shooting from the field and 23.3 percent shooting from distance. His playoff PER of 7.19 and true shooting percentage of 37.1 aren’t why the Magic swung this deal.

Drexler describes Hedo as “indecisive,” “passive,” and “useless” during his current tenure in Orlando, words that could easily describe the beginning of his season as well in Phoenix.

Hedo’s sharp decline truly is a mystery now that he has not only struggled in Toronto and Phoenix but also back in his comfort zone in Orlando. Even playing for Turkey in the FIBA World Championship he took more threes than twos settled for long jump shots time after time after time, hardly resembling the 2009 playoff stalwart.