watching Portland's playoff run, they have a logjam at the wing positions: Wes Matthews, Rudy Fernandez, Brandon Roy, Gerald Wallace, Batum.

they need a Backup big man, and a back up point guard.

What we can offer to alleviate their ailments!

A Back up Big man - Bargnani
A Back up Point guard - Jose Calderon
Give them our Pick

We Get Brandon Roy. We sign a Big man, give Barbosa back up PG duties. Make Bayless Starting PG, with Roy, he can handle the ball as well, so the two of them would make a nasty back court, put ten pounds of muscle on Derozan and move him to the three, Start Ed Davis, and the big man would be whomever we can get!

If We can get a guy like Kaman we are the team of the Future!

REspect! Here's to fantasies and heart break!