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Thread: Solution the to possible Bosh's departure without trading him

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    Default Solution the to possible Bosh's departure without trading him

    Nobody knows for sure what's going to happen with Bosh next season. I still think he's going to stay but you have to consider a possible departure. That being said, I don't think we should trade him this season for one simple reason, we won't get anything similar to his value. Plus, the only reason we could make a playoff push this year is with him, if he leaves, we're not even a playoff team.

    So a simple solution to that could be trading for a young and valuable post pressence right now in order to take Bosh's spot next season in case he leaves.

    A trade with Golden State for Andris Biedris never looks good if that means giving up Bosh or another player of the starting unit, but getting him without sending Bosh is in my opinion a very good move. Biedris' value is lower than last season right now because the Warriors have a very bad record and he's been playing injuried. The warriors have said in the past that every player on their roster is tradable and they are looking to save some dollars for the future.

    Golden State trades Andris Biedris
    Toronto trades Amir Johnson, Sonny Weems, Marcus Banks and a second round pick

    Golden State gets a lot of cap relief (almost 6 mill in expiring contracts) since Biedris has 4 years left in the contract worth about 36 millions. Plus gets two good young players who they could re-sign next year.

    Toronto gets a legit center who will inmediatly replace Amir in the rotation very well (he's a better rebounder and a decent offensive player). If Bosh leaves, he'll be our starting Center next season if Bosh stays, we'll be in the luxury tax but with the front court of a tittle contender. Plus we get rid of Banks' contract.
    Assuming Amir and Andris have the same role, the only real loss is Weems but you have to give up somethig to get a player of his calibre.

    That way if Bosh leaves next season we will be over the cap but we could have de mid level to sign a player (almost 5 mill). If we don't make the trade and Bosh leaves we will be around 6 mill under the cap, almost the same amount of money and without the exceptions.

    What do you think?
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    Obviously a deal like that looks good from a Raptors perspective, but it's just not realistic.

    1) Biedrins has a very reasonable contract for a big man of his caliber.

    2) Golden State already has a glut of guards/wings.

    3) If they wanted to dump Biedrins' contract, I'm sure there are other teams that will be able to offer expiring contracts worth the entire amount instead of having to take on Banks.

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