Ed Davis got snubbed from the All-Rookie Voting even though he had better stats than almost all the second team rooks.


Here are Eddy's stats compared to the other rooks:Ed Davis#32Forward
PPG7.7 RPG7.10 APG0.6 EFF+ 13.02 Born: Jun 5, 1989
Wesley Johnson#4Guard-Forward
PPG9.0 RPG3.00 APG1.9 EFF+ 8.54 Born: Jul 11, 1987

Derrick Favors#15Forward
PPG6.8 RPG5.30 APG0.5 EFF+ 9.40 Born: Jul 15, 1991

Paul George#24Forward
PPG6.0 RPG5.00 APG1.0 EFF+ 9.20 Born: May 2, 1990

Greg Monroe#10Center-Forward
PPG9.4 RPG7.50 APG1.3 EFF+ 14.74 Born: Jun 4, 1990

TBH I think the only one that actually deserves to be above Ed Davis is Greg Monroe, and even his stats are only slightly better than Davis, also Gary Neal shouldn't deserve First Team, he only did so well because the Spurs were able to spread the floor with their Big 3

OK im done with me rant