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Because it's so much better to base such decisions on small samples of "black and white" individual performance. By the way, our team was 1.121 offensive ppp and 1.022 defensive ppp when David Andersen was on the floor. Without him, we were 1.067 offensive ppp and 1.146 defensive ppp. Plus, he held opposing centers to a defensive stopper worthy 13.0 PER.

I'm going to thank myself for showing black and white how amazing Andersen was, especially since I used team and not individual performance. If our team doesn't re-acquire him immediately and lock him up long term as our center of the future, no wonder our team sucks.
It is a good thing there is no "tone" in written language or I might have considered your "tone" for offending However now looking at those stats and thinking it through I agree with you that we actually don't have enough to compare them (Bayless and Calderon) but given the fact that Calderon makes SO MUCH more $ than Bayless makes Bayless look better as our future PG.That's my opinion.I judge the game not only on stats but on their checks and on what I see of them on the court...like effort,DEFENSE,attitude,listening to the coach(now,if the coach sucks that is another topic ) and trying to do the things you're asked to.All things that I believe a winning team's PG should have.So Bayless would be my choice..over Calderon and over Kemba..or other draft prospects.
As for David Andersen..he should have been our franchise player if Bargnani was the one this season.Am i joking?