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not sure I agree with your line of thinking Brandon, but it is an interesting pov. Is Ray Allen a top 15 guy? What about Pau Gasol or Lomar Odom or Andrew Bynum or Ron Artest. I don't think any of those players qualify as top 15 guys (although are definitely VERY good players) and Lakers did win 2 championships with that team. I'd like to hear an expanded argument with more research.
I think at any given time, there are around 50 guys capable of being in that top 15 group. Ray Allen was, at one time, in that group. Certainly Gasol and Bynum are. Gasol had a terrible playoff run due to personal problems, but he's the top post scorer in the league. Odom and Artest have been in that group in the past but I think particularly in Artest's case they're not now. As far as redundancy goes, the Lakers knew when they traded for Gasol that he'd be playing the 4 a lot because of Bynum. They went to 3 straight finals with that group. I do think that obviously you want players to fit in well with each other, so collecting a team full of 6'6 shooting guards, no matter how great they are, wouldn't be a good idea, but on the other hand, shouldn't the Blazers have drafted Jordan instead of Bowie and then moved Drex to the 3? (Yes, they could also have drafted Barkley instead of Bowie and put him at the 4)