Now that the season has ended does the plan to keep the high draft pick actually fit the Raptors needs? Even Colangelo recognized just how young his team is already when he said, "quite frankly we are so young that I don't think we can afford to put two more young pieces into the fold next year." The Raptors have high potential young talent at every position already.

"There was a commitment to being patient and letting the young guys develop and come along," explained Colangelo. "We feel like we are accomplishing a lot of that when we look at what DeMar DeRozan has done, Amir Johnson coming along the way he has, Ed Davis now that he is healthy and in the lineup and playing, and Andrea (Bargnani) continues to elevate his game."
It is not very common for me to disagree with Colangelo. In this case, I do disagree. If the Raptors can get two of the higher picks and walk away with a combination of Walker or Irving/Kanter/Williams, they should go for it. Being too young is only a problem when one or two of those young pieces are already franchise or perennial all-star talent. As of now the Raptors do not have those types of players as DD and ED appear to be complimentary players who may one day appear in an all-star game. I'd acquire another high draft pick in the hopes of obtaining two good pieces. Look at Portland, 2006 was a weak draft and they got two of the better players from it in Aldridge and Roy (before injury). Colangelo might be playing his poker face right now though.

Colangelo has traded young players and draft picks to get the position player he believed the Raptors needed on more than one occasion already since arriving in Toronto. The Raptors need for a rim protecting rebounder at center has been obvious during Colangelo's entire stay with the team and if he can swing a deal to get the center they need, there should be no hesitation to include the Raptors pick.

Besides, if one agrees with Colangelo that this draft lacks star power, the higher the Raptors draft, the more pressure there should be to move the pick. Colangelo shouldn't want just another young impact player to compete for minutes with the Raptors existing young talent if he has an alternative.

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I agree with Brotherson not wanting another young player to compete for minutes with existing talent, however, if this young players is an IMPACT player I most certainly do want the competition. Nothing should be handed to the players and, quite frankly, we aren't talking about current players who are already franchise or all-star talent.