My fellow RR readers,

Have a short story for you. So my buddy gets back from South America last night and tells me of all things he was at a club in Montevideo, Uruguay on May 4th and supposedly ran into your favorite ex- Dino, the man himself CB4. Partying with a bunch of local girls and a few buddies.

I know I know before you say "bullshit, impossible" that he would be partying on a Wed night in South America in the middle of a playoff series against Boston, but here is what we know….
1.) The Heat beat the Celtics the night before and did not have their next game (game 4) until the weekend. That means they had 4 days off . So it is possible that they might have been given the next day/night off and not practiced again until Friday.
2.) My buddy recognized him and went to walk up and said something along the lines of "Hey Chris Bosh" and the other people (tall basketball players and a few guys dressed in suites maybe body guards) told him to shut it and move on. He persisted saying "wait that's Chris Bosh" and they got more pissed and ushered him along.
3.) My friend is not an NBA expert like most of you on this site but he knows the Raptors well enough (has been to games, watches occasionally on tv) and swears to me he knows what Chris Bosh looks like, stating "he is a very unusual (ugly) looking man."
4.) Described the trademark diamond ear rings. And said he was wearing a basketball shirt with a jacket over it.
I am just a little skeptical but he swears he is 90% sure it was him; the only reason he is doubting himself is because it seems so farfetched. He said it might make sense because no one down there would recognize him and if he wanted to party incognito he could.
It just doesn’t seem like the Chris Bosh we knew, to charter a private jet and take off for the night to South America. Maybe he is trying to live an Entourage lifestyle since doing a cameo on it.

What do you guys think? Possible?