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Thread: Power Rankings (Raps 12th)

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    Default Power Rankings (Raps 12th)

    The Raps slowly are starting to get the respect they deserve. Besides getting front page coverage on the other day (which rarely happens), the latest power rankings have the Dinos at 12th, up four spots from last week. What do you guys think? Fair positioning given the Dinos play of late? Also what are your takes on the rest of the rankings?

    12 Toronto (16) 19-19 Pace: 95.2 (14), Off: 108.4 (5), Def: 110.1 (30)
    It's funny that the Chris Bosh trade rumors got out of control with the Raptors playing their best ball of the season. Before Sunday's loss to the Celtics, they had won eight of their last nine, and they're still within a half game of the Heat for fifth in the East.

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    I'd rank Utah, Houston and possibly Miami above them but that's about it. I think we played a 7 game series against any of those teams right now, we'd lose.

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    We can beat Houston and Miami in a 7-game series, I am pretty confident. Wade can win a series all by himself, however, I think that we have the offensive firepower to match him, and our front-court is a pretty good match-up to theirs. We would just need to keep Beasley from going off.

    Houston has the gutsy performances to back up their smaller lineup - however, in the playoffs, reliance on small-ball rarely works when games slow down. I think our frontcourt has an advantage over them as well.

    Utah is a bad matchup for us, and yes, I think they would beat us pretty handily. I am more worried about other teams in and around where the Raps are, like Memphis and OKC. I feel like they would take us to twon in a 5-game series, but I just don't really know. This Raps team is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a shawarma, wrapped in a panzarotto.

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