A good article from the National Post. With the exception of last weeks game against the Magic, Turk has struggled with Numero Ocho back in the lineup. Is it simply because he is not getting enough touches and control of the ball? Whatever it is, both the coaching staff and Turk need to figure it out. The Dinos need him to pick it up if they want to continue winning.

Turkoglu, however, knows that what he is doing isn't good enough. He's just not sure he can change it.

"The way I play, I've never been a selfish guy," said Turkoglu after the game. "I'm just trying to play as hard as I can, and get myself going.

"If I have the ball, I can be more creative with it ... For me, I'm running on the side and expecting to be a spot-up guy - you know, it's hard for me."

In other words, Turkoglu was used to having the offence run through him in Orlando, and that's happening less in the land of Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack. So while he is actually shooting a higher percentage than he did with the Magic - 42.5%, versus 41.3% on last year's Finals team in Orlando - Turkoglu feels like he is watching too much, waiting for the ball, and then trying a little too often to be a player that he is not.

"I can't really go and grab the ball from Jose or Jack's hands," said the soft-spoken forward. "I respect those guys - they're great players. And they're used to running the team too.

"It's new team, new coach, new system, new players. But it's been three months - I can't keep telling what I did in the past. So I want people to know that I'm limited, too. I try to do my best, but you can be just limited."

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