Bryan Colangelo joined the Fan 590 in Toronto with Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt to talk about his new contract extension, whether or not he wouldíve like a longer deal from the Raptors, and what he thinks about the Raptors having the fifth pick in the draft.

How it came about that he got a new contract extension:

ďThe process was probably more of a thorough analysis of what was going on. There was some discussion and talk at the board level. There was not much of a negotiation and in fact there was no negotiation going on until just a few days ago. When it all came together it came together very quickly between myself and Richard Tuesday morning, but itís something that obviously took a little bit of time to come to a resolution but I think we can all say that weíre happy that itís behind us and now we can move on with the business thatís so important to get to right now.Ē

Whether or not he was upset that he didnít get a longer deal:

ďLook Bob if someone offered you a ten year deal versus a two year deal what are you going to be happy with? Youíre gonna be happy with the ten years and security, but thatís not the reality in this world that we live in. I understand where things are. Nobody is happy or content with where we are record-wise right now, but again if you look at some of the positives that have been done of the last several years now that we are realizing that itís time to rebuild and weíve gone through the initial phases of that thereís some realism to what weíre doing. I understand perfectly well the position the board took not only with their apprehension to move forward, but ultimately making the decision with some very clear goals and objectives.Ē

On the idea that being at pick number five might be better than being at pick number three:

ďI absolutely concur. Youíve kinda hit the nail on the head. After the top two picks and I mightíve said this last night talking to a few people, I think there is a very clear two picks and then there are several players that we like. If you were to ask me who number three was Iím not sure I would have the answer for you and itís not because weíre not prepared, itís that thereís another five weeks to go in the process and I think some of the things, the warts, the background discussions, the medical discussions, those things kinda clear the air there. I have to say that if weíre looking at addressing some of our needs or areas of concern thereís several players that we like. I donít think itís a draft thatís 10 or 12 deep, but I do think thereís a good six or eight players that Iíd be pretty excited about joining our team right now. You can just look at a couple of the names in the guard category. Youíve got Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker probably after those top two. Thereís a couple of the European bigs that I think are interesting, (Jonas) Valanciunas and then (Enes) Kanter who was at Kentucky this year without eligibility. Thereís an international big that has kinda burst onto the scene, a guy who is going to be talked about, Bismack Biyombo who played very well at the hoop summit just a couple of weeks ago. Jan Vesely might be the most talented of all the Europeans that is out there. Heís a long 6-11 three or four who can address a few areas of need and thereís a couple of dark horses who I will probably keep off the list now. I listed five or six names there and I havenít said anything about Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams, the clear-cut one and two it looks like. There may be some jockeying for position or there might be some of those picks available at the top because itís not considered a really deep draft but I think there are going to be some impact players that emerge perhaps less than in previous seasons because there were a couple of top five defections but itís gonna be an opportunity for us to certainly add someone nice. The benefit is, if I can look at this with a silver lining, thereís going to be a little less of a cap charge for the fifth pick as opposed to the third pick. Itís funny a lot of people kept saying you canít pick a guy at three thatís too high. Well at five it becomes a little more palatable if you know what I mean.Ē

What I find interesting is who he did not mention: Kawhi Leonard.