Tim Chimhols TSN 5/20/2011 12:50:24 PM There looks to be at least one more team slated to start the 2011-2012 National Basketball League of Canada season this fall. The Richmond Hill Republicans. The Republicans will be owned and managed by some familiar faces in the NBA blogosphere.

After two decades of studying and criticizing the decisions of the Toronto Raptors Management, the moderators of popular Raptors fan site, RaptorsRepublic.com, have banded together to put in a bid to own a newly created NBL team in Richmond Hill. Although the exact terms of the ownership structure have not been disclosed, NBL Canada has released a press release confirming the new franchise is up and running. When asked why Richmond Hill was selected when other, seemingly more viable options were available, acting President Arsenalist stated, “Raptors Republic was the place where we came together to share ideas and hone our analytical skills. We wanted a name that would reflect that. After we had decided on the Republicans, Richmond Hill was a no-brainer” Why? “Alliteration obviously” quipped Arsenalist.

Other part owners include PhD Steve, who will be in charge of scouting and player development, Matt52, who will be the architect of all trades and Apollo, who will be taking care of Advertising and PR. “We have some amazing things for our fans to look forward to in our inaugural season” Said Apollo. “I don’t want tip my hand, but I will say three words, ‘man... wrestles... bear’”. There have even been rumours speculating about a reunion of Leo Rautins and Chuck Swirsky, however those rumours were quickly denied. “One of the great things about being involved in Raptors Republic is it has allowed us to network with other people in the industry that we wouldn’t have been able to do just as regular fans” PhD Steve said. “Although we were approached by Leo who said he was interested in coming out of retirement to play, he has not be invited to tryouts. As for Chuck, we made it clear that he has a standing job offer to be the colour here as long as we are the owners of this franchise. However, with Chuck’s current situation in Chicago being so amazing it is unlikely we will see him back in Canada in the near future.
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