He is an amazing athlete however a lot of his offense comes from opportunity plays like tip-ins and just being active around the basket rather than bona fide skills.

Vesely is a bit better of a shooter than originally advertised. A lot of people have made a point of noting his 43.8% free throw percentage in Euroleague, but neglect to point out that he does hit the three ball at about a 33% rate.

Let's be honest for a minute - Jan Vesely is not a shooter by any means, but he is not nearly as bad as some have suggested in scouting him.

The problem for Vesely is he looks like a lot of players in this draft class: big, long and athletic, with very basic basketball skills.

Vesely is good in transition and he finishes around the rim nicely, but there are a lot of guys with his skill set.

Vesely was extremely good in the post for Partizan Belgrade, mainly because the players he played against couldn't handle his athletic game, but at the NBA level he will find a lot more resistance. He is an average spot up player and decent while moving towards the basket.
Source: HoopsWorld.com