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I don't hate Knight. I just haven't seen any evidence that he can be a PG. And PGs are supposed to pass the ball. That's why they're on the floor, generally. Otherwise they would be called shooting guards.

And being a PG is more than just racking up assists. Watch the good PGs and the offense runs better when they are on the floor. They don't always get the assist, but they know where to pass the ball for the offense to work. Calderon was pretty good at this. Bayless isn't. He gets most of his assists when he drives and dishes, but those 7 assists only make up 14-20 points (depending on whether it's a 3 or not). Teams need to score a lot more than that.

And Rose knows how to run an offense and make his teammates better. And he averaged 7 assists over an entire season, which is good. Not ten games.
How is rose a good facilitator....he basically does the exact same thing other pgs do ....the drive and kick, and even that most fast or explosive pgs use it to great efficiency...why wont knight???