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First off, the Raptors are not involved directly in this deal. Chris Broussard is reporting about a deal between Cleveland, Minnesota and Detroit...


Apparently Detroit is hesitant about this deal, because they get nothing back in return for Hamilton. Quite frankly, I don't even understand why they are in the deal at all.

Anyway, if Cleveland drafts 2nd and Minnesota 4th, that might change the outlook of the draft, a little. Williams would definitely go second, since that's why Cleveland is trading up. They'd end up with both Irving AND Williams. Not a bad draft.

Minnesota had no need for Williams with Beasley on the roster, but what exactly do they have need for? Obviously not a PG, so they won't take either Walker or Knight.

Apart from not taking a PG, who they want is anyone's guess. They're biggest team need is probably defense, especially with Rubio probably coming over, so I'm guessing they are looking at guys like Vesley, Leonard, Valanciunas, and Biyombo. Valanciunas is considered more of a project, and Minnesota apparently wants to win now, so I'd cross him off the list. Personally, I think the Wolves don't want another SF. They already have Beasley, Randolph, Webster and Wesley Johnson, all of whom can play SF.

I really don't think Kanter is someone they will want, since he duplicates a lot of what Kevin Love brings.

To me, I think they might be going after Biyombo. Scouts feel he can immediately make an impact on defense.


They could go after Vesley or Leonard, who are SFs but in a very different way from Beasley. Leonard, especially,
I agree with you that Cleveland is moving up to pick whichever of Irving/Williams they don't pick at #1. Contrary to what Pran suggests about Cleveland possibly moving up for Kanter, I think it's silly for them to trade the #4 and the #8 just to improve the chance of landing Kanter. Cleveland needs help at almost every position, and the 4/5 is actually the least of their worries. If they really want to draft a big, it would be better for them to pick one at #4 while adding a wing (Leonard/Vesely/Burks) at #8, or vice versa. They need help everywhere too much to trade away the #8 and not land someone they couldn't get otherwise.

I'm not going to buy reports that Knight is Utah's pick at #3. As happens every year, the reports keep changing up until the draft (though this year there might be less need for subterfuge). I think Kanter and Knight are the front runners, but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they picked Walker over Knight, Valanciunas over Kanter, or went with a wing (Vesely or Leonard) instead.

Minnesota at #4 is going to be one hell of a wild card. Perhaps I'm a bit too cynical about Kahn, but I don't think you can rule out him picking a point guard even with Rubio maybe coming over, picking Kanter even if he duplicates a lot of what Love does, or picking another SF despite their glut at the position. Last off-season, despite having Corey Brewer, they drafted Wesley Johnson, Lazar Hayward and Nemanja Bjelica, as well as added Martell Webster via a draft-day trade. Two weeks later he added Michael Beasley. Really wouldn't surprise me whoever they pick (though with the run at PGs two years ago and SFs last year, Cs are probably due), and having them here at the #4 spot is the second-best case scenario, best being us trading for their #2.