I think this deal would help both sides

Why Chicago makes the deal:

They finally get a true superstar big man they have coveted to pair up with emerging star Derrick Rose. They would field an an extremely strong starting lineup of Rose + Salmons + Deng + Thomas + Bosh that could potentially upset someone in the playoffs. They would also be able to offer Bosh max money and potentially be able to build a dynasty around him and Rose. Plus for one of the worst offensive lineups they would certainly improve in that aspect.

Why Toronto makes this deal:

Bosh is as good as gone in the summer and at least they are getting some type of value before he leaves. Noah is in the running for Defensive Player of the Year in just his 3rd year and is exactly the type of high energy hard nosed defensive anchor the Raptors need. Noah is also one of the top offensive rebounder's in the NBA which the Raptors sorely lack. Having Noah in the starting lineup would allow Turkoglu to take more responsibility in the offence. Noah also represents a perfect complement to Bargnani. He is everything Bargnani is not and vice versa..Bargnani could watch his offensive numbers explode without having the pressure of increasing his rebounding. Best part for the Raptors is Noah is young, affordable and reasonably controllable.

Kirk Hinrich would be aquired to allow Calderon to be shopped for a top draft pick or athletic prospect. Hinrich is considered to be one of the best defensive perimeter guards and could take over back up PG duties seamlessly or even play the 2 if needs to be