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Thread: Shape Up or Ship Out?

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    Default Shape Up or Ship Out?

    I am sure many of you have read the recent Arsenalist posts with the same title as this thread (which apparently he regrets lol)...

    Assume for a minute Colangelo does exactly as the posts recommend.

    We would end up with a roster of Bayless, DeRozan, Kleiza, J. Johnson, A. Johnson, Davis, Dorsey, and Alabi.

    I would say that I generally agree with all of that, but would like to add the following.

    Bayless and Barbossa do duplicate many of the same skills. I am all for giving Bayless another year to develop, however I would argue that we would be better off with him backing up Demar, which would provide us with a decent scorer coming off the bench. I think Bayless would be more effective playing a role which did not require him to be the primary ball handler.

    I would welcome the opportunity to dump Kleiza, but due to his injury we may have to hold on to him for at least one more year.

    I would like to see Dorsey get more minutes next year, playing the minutes that Reggie was getting this year. (Unless we acquire better starting and backup centres)

    This roster would leave us with no legit centre (apologies to Alabi), and no legit point guard. With this roster it would be very likely we would be looking to draft either Knight, Kanter, or Valanciunas, (unless BC believes Kemba could be a point guard in the NBA).

    I would say that based on this roster we should not be looking to dump Calderon, or Bargnani, unless Colangelo can make a trade that either fits with the rebuild, improves our cap situation, or allows us to replace those players with more defensive minded players with a similar cap hit.

    Either way, I would say we should all get used to supporting a 20 win team for at least one more year lol.
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