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Well for a team like Pheonix, that has Gortat and Frye quite capable of splitting 48 minutes between them at Center, I think it would be silly of them to not see what they could get for Lopez. Or if they plan on keeping Lopez, then the market for Frye, etc.

But if there is a need at a certain position, and you have excess at another, why not balance that out.
Now I'm not saying they'd be willing to just give him away, but I most certainly believe they are at least looking to see what the market is.

Lopez is the lonly one listed that works in that scenario, though. The rest are probably keepers for their respective clubs, OR I just don't think they are very good. haha Mostly the latter.
Yes, it makes sense that Phoenix would be open to offers for any of their centers (though if I was them, the one I'd be actively trying to move would be Frye), but as much as I like James Johnson, I wouldn't trade Robin Lopez for him straight-up, let alone give him away for free (mere cap relief, and not a whole lot of it) as the OP suggested.

As for "at least looking to see what the market is", I think quite honestly it's a given; all GMs in the league are constantly open to offers for any player, so I'm sure they already know what the market is. I may want to build my team around DeRozan and Davis, but that doesn't mean I'll hang up the moment anyone suggests a trade. :-p The whole concept of being untouchable/not on the trade block is only for public consumption. Teams don't want their players hearing about the team's lack of commitment to them.