As many have stated its tough to compare them because they each shine in different aspects.

Pure Talent/Excitment - Damon hands down

Total Stats/Impact - Jose hands down. Not only in raw numbers, but per (ie. per game/minute.. not PER) in the "important" PG stats (efficiency, assists, turnovers)

All around play/Effort - Alvin hands down

If I was building a team and I could take any of those guys in their prime it would be Jose, Alvin than Damon. I just think Jose has had the biggest positive impact on the team. But I will say Alvin is a close second. I just really wish Jose had a good team around him... ie good D, athletic wings, real big men etc... all at the same time. I am willing to wager if he had that, his assist numbers and A:T ratio would be off the charts.