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Thread: Valanciunas' Buyout To Be Raised To At Least $3M

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    By all means show me what is lacking about it. Don't say you don't know anything about these matters, but than insult me for my opinion. I never spoke as a lawyer, I spoke as human being that can smell a bad contract that is exploitative.

    You think that a 50X buyout of the life term of the contract is fair, I do not.

    international Arbitration is the only way to go in international contract law. Local jurisdictions have very little bite for enforcement. You can look this up, its not hard. The NBA teams and NHL teams could violate the terms of the Eurolegues but they don't. It is generally known in the business as both leagues respecting their territories. There will be legal ramifications if they don't. However, I would imagine... that such agreements are violated everyday with Asian leagues, African leagues... middle-eastern leagues, you only can enforce these laws if you have teeth.

    ...and you did mention Streetsville, and there was no point to it. None. (Other than to make it personal.)

    EDIT: I love a good debate, keep it kosher, and I will trade with you message for message. I have never once used a sentence that has insulted your intelligence, you have used many. Attack my points, not my knowledge, please.
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