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Thread: Raptors Coaches. Lots of them to choose from. But who was the G.O.A.T.

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    Default Raptors Coaches. Lots of them to choose from. But who was the G.O.A.T.

    This is sort of a Branch off Thread idea I got from Apollo's one about PG's and Jose.

    Jay Triano: been with the team a LONG time. Longer than anyone else in the Franchise I'd imagine. At least that closely related to the court Players. Perhaps Scott McCullough. Still.
    He's been around. And has served under ALL of the Head Coaches since 2002, with Lenny Wilkens. He has also Head Coached in 229 Regular Season games,

    But this does not translate the same as it does with players I find.
    I'm not sure his impact to this franchise is nearly as big as say that of Lenny Wilkens.
    I don't mean that as a slight to Jay by any means, but.. well you know what I mean.

    Sam Mitchell: on the other hand, is the Raptors Longest Tenured Head Coach at 345 Regular Season games. Thats alot by our Coaching standards, but really.. thats not a whole lot.
    He is also our winningest Head Coach at 156 Regular Season wins.

    Then we have Lenny Wilkens: He's our Winningest Head Coach in Playoff games, and took the team to a level that we had/have never seen before. How much of that was "Carter in his Prime", is neither here-nor-there if you ask me.

    What about Butch Carter?: Our 4th Longest Tenured HC? First Coach to get us to the Playoffs. We didn't actually win in the playoffs with him, but you know.. it's something.

    What do you guys think?

    I'd hire Sam Mitchell again in a HEARTBEAT if it were up to me.
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