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Thread: Should Toronto Pursue Trading Bosh?

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    Default Should Toronto Pursue Trading Bosh?

    Man, the next 5 weeks are going to be nuts with all the "Trade Bosh" talk and rumours. It will definitely make for alot of morning water cooler discussion.

    This one is courtesy of Larry Coon from the New York Times:

    Given the number of teams that will have significant cap room this summer, it would be a risk to wait for Bosh to become a free agent. And that brings us back to a deal before the trade deadline.

    So, the Bosh-for-Bynum idea is sounding a little less like a wild rumor

    The merits of such a trade can be argued for both sides. Toronto would replace a lame duck player with a legit 7-foot center who has low-post skills and lots of upside. Bynum is also locked in for three more seasons. He has been struggling with limited touches while playing with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, but that wouldn’t be the situation in Toronto.

    The Lakers would replace a low-post center with another player in the Gasol mold. However, that versatile lineup would be especially suited for Phil Jackson’s triangle offense, which thrives on interchangable parts. And if the 2008 Olympic team is any indication, Bosh would do much better than Bynum playing alongside two other legit stars.
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    If we trade Bosh, we should make them take Calderon back too for expirings. Then hand the keys to Bynum, Demar, and talent found through the draft.
    Of course, Colangelo will need to be fired and replaced by a quantitative guy in the mold of Darryl Morey..

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    I like exploring trades for CB4 based on two facts.

    1) Bargs is coming on strong with his offense

    2) How far are we going to get with three similar players (Hedo,Bargs,CB4) for 4 more years?

    I have nothing against Bosh and think he is a legit star. The current lineup is flawed with so much scoring and NO defensive presence.

    I dont have any trade ideas, but getting something BIG for him would help our next 4 years.

    PS. Trading him to Lakers? They have 3 allstars? This league better not turn into MLB where the top 6 teams have all the players because it's "good for everyone that NY,L.A. etc are strong" bullsh!t.
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    I think Bosh fits the triangle offense far better than Artest and Gasol. Bosh would be the #2 option in L.A.

    Bynum could be an All-star in the east and it would allow Bargnani to move to his natural position at the 4.

    I posted in the other Bynum for Bosh thread that the Lakers and Raptors both are denying any trade talks and that Toronto is taking the stance that they won't deal Bosh unless he tells them he's not coming back.

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