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Thread: Rubio & Calderon \ Flynn & Kemba = Kawhi Leonard

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    Default Rubio & Calderon \ Flynn & Kemba = Kawhi Leonard

    Well the first domino has fallen:

    T'wolves have reached deal with Rubio

    Now the question becomes do the raps deal calderone for Flynn who is clearly on the move

    As we all know Minnesota is a young team and trying to integrate a Spanish national might be the next most logical stop for the team oriented albeit slowing Calderon.

    If this deal goes through there is NO WAY the raptors will draft Kemba or Brandon Knight (should he fall that far)... so what will happen.

    (a) Draft Jan Vesely - Hell no! it wont happen - I promise you that.
    (b)Trade the pick + Bargs in a package to Clippers for Deandre Jordan and Chris Kaman? Maybe..
    (c) Draft another athletic wing player Kawhi Leonard from compton Demar's hood - that my best guess and nbadraft is saying the same thing

    BC had a chance to draft Lamarcus Alderidge a guy who grew up in Bosh's back yard instead took EuroBargs - HE WILL NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE...

    If they do draft Kawhi Leonard kiss sonny & jWright good bye bet on the return of reggie and BC is will likely use the TPE to talke back bad contract in a effort to move bargs and get a center.
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